About Us!

Alex M: (Owner)
I am a 13 year old that loves anything to do with science or technology. I love computers and I love to post things onto the World-Wide-Web. I am a fan of Minecraft, Portal, Robocraft, and many other games. I love to build things, and electronic projects. I post some of my projects as I build them to keep you up to date :) I am also a big time tea fan, my favorite tea being British breakfast tea. 

Cody G: (Admin And Author)
 Hey guys! So, I'm Cody (One of Alex's friends) and I was invited to come help on the blog. Let me tell you about myself. I'm 15, play Minecraft, love card tricks, and I also am a fencer! I will be posting Minecraft and science stuff on the blog and a few magic tricks when Alex and I are hanging out. See ya laters!   

Seth M: (Author)
Hi! I am a big time geek who is a fan of Minecraft, and many other games. I love the book series "Warriors"
By Erin Hunter. I love computers and grumpy cat.

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