Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to join external servers in Minecraft PE

Hey Guys! Today I will be telling you how to join external servers in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

1. Start the Minecraft PE app on your android, IOS, etc.
2. Click "Play". 
3. Then click the box at the right-hand corner of the screen that says "Edit".
4. Click on the box that says "External".
5. Add the server name. The name doesn't matter, it just needs to be something you can remember it by.
6. Add the server I.P. address and port.
7. Click "Add Server".

Now you will see the server on your world list. Just click on it to connect.
To find some good servers check out these websites:
minecraft pocket edition servers

Here is a list of my favorite servers:

Pocket Craft: A fun pc-like server with minigames, economy, a store, different worlds, plus much more.
Port: 19132

Life-Boat Survival Games: A very cool sever made by the server company "Life Boat" that has 24/7 hunger games tournaments.
Port: 19132

Life-Boat Capture  The Flag: Another cool "Life Boat" server in which there are 24/7 capture the flag tournaments.
Port: 19132

I hope this was helpful! Please tell me in the comments if you have any trouble joining the servers.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Nintendo 2DS and Wii Mini

Nintendo has recently launched two new products: Nintendo 2DS and Wii  Mini.

Nintendo 2DS:
The Nintendo 2DS costs $129.99 at the Nintendo Website. You can get it here. The 2DS can play all the 3DS games, just without the 3D. Just like all the other DSes, the 2DS has two screens, a touch screen (bottom of device) and a regular screen (top of device). One big difference between the 2DS and its family is the 2DS' shape. Here is a picture that demonstrates that difference.
The Nintendo 2DS is pretty much a cheaper way to play 3DS games (just without the 3D).
Now to the Wii Mini...

Wii Mini:
The Wii Mini costs $99.99 at the Nintendo Store. You can get it here.
The Wii Mini is a smaller version of the original Wii that sits on it's back. It can play all the Wii games, but sadly can not play game-cube games, and can not access the internet. Of course that is what you get for only paying $99.99. The Wii Mini also comes with the Mario Cart Wii game. Overall the Wii Mini is good bang for your buck because it can play Wii games and is very cheap.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Soda Can Robot

My Robot
I have recently put together the Soda can rubug kit. It is a robot that you put together with a recycled soda can and parts from the kit. Once you have put it together you can turn it on and it will vibrate across the floor. Here is a video of the robot in motion:
You can get the kit here.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Minecraft Webstite: MCPE Universe

MCPE Universe (Link Here) is a very cool Minecraft Pocket Edition Website. It has Mincraft Pocket Edition maps, seeds, textures, mods, servers, tutorials, and forums. If you get an account you can add content to website and chat in the forums. This website is a great place to find inspiration for your own minecraft worlds, see what other people are building, and to see the best maps and mods to download.
You should check this website out. I hope you like it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show

Recently I have come across a very cool you tube channel called Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show. Sylvia makes videos about cool projects you can make. Here is one episode that I really like:
I hope you liked it!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter Review

Hey guys!
I recently got a Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter. I got it because the handlebars of my old scooter (a Razor Ultra Pro Lo scooter) snapped in half. I think the Grit scooter is a great improvement. It rides smoothly and is great for doing tricks. It is a little bit heavy, but after you get used to it you'l be landing tricks all day. We read a review online which said that the grips that came with the scooter hurt your hand after using the scooter for a while, so we ordered O-D-I Longneck grips with the scooter.
(You can get the grips here.)
The Grit Fluxx Pro Scooter has:
  • Y style handlebars
  • An alloy triple clamp
  • 100mm alloy slotted wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Grit flex fender brake with no rattle
I like the last one the best because my old scooter's brake made an irritating rattling sound.
Here is the link to the scooter on Amazon.

I hope this was helpful! - Alex
P.S. I would love it if people would comment on my posts :-)

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hey Guys!
I found this picture on pintrist.
I hope you like it! :-)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hexage Games

Hexage Games is a cool company that makes EPIC games. They make games for Android, I phone, pad, and pod, Windows phones, Mac OSX, plus more. Radiant and Robotech. Radiant is a classic style space shooter like Galaga. You are a space pilot who is being attacked by (friendly looking) aliens. You have to take down the aliens with you lasers.
Robotech is a fun strategy game. The plot is that you are the last human on a world taken over by robots. You and your crew of robots have to defeat the robots, one level at a time. One cool feature of the game is that you can battle others with free online multiplayer.
I love both of the games.
Thank you Hexage!